A&W holds weeklong franchisee conferences all across North America. For the last 5 conferences, held as far afield as Hawaii and New Orleans, Media FX Group has been an integral part of portraying the professionalism and vision of the company.

A&W is keen to have visually impressive displays that can deliver the content required to inform and inspire the individual owners and the A&W community as a whole. As the client is looking for graphic media that has enough impact to impress such a large audience, the team is always trying to outdo itself and build on the successes of previous conferences. 


The approach taken for the latest A&W project was one of providing a customized and holistic service that was true to the core values of the client company.

Media FX Group went to numerous locations across the breadth of Canada to personally film the footage that would form the content for the videos shown at the conference.

Once the footage had been gathered our team of image specialists went to work editing the videos and incorporating themed graphics and customized music throughout. In total, we created 8 short videos, which included: the opening video, 5 bumper videos to highlight the content of individual sessions, 2 vanity videos showing conference attendees enjoying the proceedings, and a closing video.

The vanity videos were filmed onsite throughout the week, which were edited and presented on the final day. They added a sophisticated personal touch that the franchisees were not anticipating and really helped to foster a sense of community. 


This personalized service ensured that the specific needs of the company were met and allowed for increased audience involvement, sense of engagement, as well as building a sense of brand loyalty.

All of the videos produced were tied together by branding graphics and the touch of quality that the Media FX Group is able of offer. The degree of uniformity in the HD graphics gave a real sense of professionalism and is subtlety impressive to the audience, yet produces a very vivid impact. This, in conjunction with the specially prepared videos, made sure the attendees left knowing that they are involved with a great Canadian company. 


“Just went through all the video's. They look terrific......my thanks for a superb job. Your team have done great work.”
Paul Hollands | President & CEO

  • Creative Production: Media FX Group
  • Delivery system: Dataton Watchout
  • HD Projection: AV Strategies
  • Venue: Various International Locations