BCIT Alumni Association


This annual gala is BCIT’s signature event and the awards are famed for celebrating the success, leadership, outstanding service, and innovation of BCIT’s alumni. This is the signature BCIT event that enjoys exceptional community engagement.

With a large audience made up of some of the 140,000 alumni and hosted by a high-profile TV personality, tickets to this live event are extremely sought after.

Media FX Group is tasked with creating media that can do justice this prestigious event, the organization and the winning individuals, as well as making it a night to remember for the hundreds of people present.


For this event the team created a series of videos and graphics to capture the attention of the large crowd. It’s always satisfying to see a busy and energetic room fall silent and become engrossed with your work on screen.

As with so many of our big awards events we really enjoy adding a personal touch, and this year’s BCIT Alumni Gala was no different. For each of the award winners we created a vignette that played as they walked to the stage to collect their award. These touching, thoughtfully produced videos highlighting the unique contributions of individuals are much appreciated by the winners, the crowd and the association. 


Getting and keeping the attention of a large crowd is no easy feat, but it’s where Media FX Group excels. The high quality branded graphics gave a really professional touch to the event, and the videos used throughout the course of the gala kept the audience focused and engaged in the proceedings. 


..the Association could not hold such a technically perfect presentation without your dedication and hard work.
Kristina Urban | BCIT Alumni Association

  • Creative Production: Media FX Group
  • Delivery system: Dataton Watchout
  • HD Projection: BCIT
  • Venue: Four Seasons Hotel