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BCTIA Centre4Growth

BCTIA Centre4Growth had a specific request for the Media FX Group team: they wanted the video for the event at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel to be slick. This is not an unusual request, and we pride ourselves on slick media production, but what was unique is that this video was to be edited on the fly… during the show! 


The team arrived at the venue armed with HD cameras, computer hardware, some pre-produced titles and graphics, technical knowhow, and a positive attitude. The set-up allowed us to take live video footage, integrate it with the titles and graphics, and create 13 videos that had the added benefit of being able to be streamed live on the internet. This highly produced media can also be saved and uploaded in a matter of minutes after the event, dramatically reducing the post-event editing costs. 


The element of surprise is an effective way of making a real impact on an audience. The live editing carried out by the on-site team proved to be a resounding success and made a lasting impression on the unsuspecting crowd who really felt part of the event. Having the ability to stream the videos live on the internet gives the organizers a wealth of options that wouldn’t normally be available, and even reduces post-event editing costs.


“I would like to sincerely and personally thank you for making Thursday’s event an amazing one! Your hard work and professionalism was certainly noticed and I truly enjoyed working with you on this special project. I would hope you enjoyed being part of the BCTIA 1st DemoDay and looking at the positive feedback I trust we will be planning on doing it again next year.”
Sabrine Cercle | Event & Sponsorship Manager
BC Technology Industry Association

  • Creative Production: Media FX Group
  • Editing system: NewTek Tricaster Broadcast
  • Venue: Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel