Flying Wedge Pizza


The team at Media FX Group is always happy to work with business owners who are looking for new and exciting ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd with innovative new ideas.

The fast-food industry is full of big players with deep pockets, but the Flying Wedge Pizza chain’s President, Harvey Chiang, wanted a revolutionary new style of digital signage for his stores. 


Working closely with Harvey we came up with the concept of making the signage out of 4 large, 46” HD Plasma screens. We designed an amazing ten-minute loop of animation that could travel across the screens making them appear as one. This idea was totally unique for the industry with no competitors doing anything close to what we were proposing.

Throughout the project the Media FX Group helped in the planning and implementation stages and worked directly with the technology providers to ensure the finished product met the highest of specifications.


Unlike backlit plexi-glass displays, or low-resolution LED technologies, this signage visually blows you away. The sign proved to be so impressive that the Vancouver Airport Authority had to step in and debate whether this would compete with their own digital signage. This was the first time that a food vendor had been under the marketing microscope in the airport, and illustrates how much of an impact the sign can make.

The signage proved so effective that it was installed at the Flying Wedge Pizza downtown branch. In the relatively compact area of the shop fronts, the audience gets a real sense of size, and the impressive brightness of the signage really reaches out and grabs the attention of any passers by. 


"I have worked with the Media FX Group on 3 projects to-date. I have been very impressed with the quality of their work. These projects speak for themselves, representing very high production value for our money."
Harvey Chiang, President, Flying Wedge Pizza

  • Creative Production: Media FX Group
  • Delivery system: DVD Sync
  • 4 46" LED Displays: Best Buy
  • Venue: Vancouver International Airport Food Fair